Jagg Oil Coolers for Harley-Davidson Motorcycles
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The Jagg Oil Cooler

For every 20 degrees cooler your oil runs,
it doubles the life of your oil

What's inside the highest-quality oil coolers? What should you look for, and what makes the difference between a legitimate heat exchanger and a waste of time and money?

Many products on the market purport to lower the fevers of notoriously hot engines, to varying degrees of success. Even "success" can be relative with some of these solutions — what if "success" means lowering temperatures at the expense of drastically slowing down the flow of oil back to your engine?

The right solution takes your whole system into consideration, giving you results that don't force you to make trade-offs somewhere else.

HyperFlow Technology

HyperFlow Technology is the engineered balance between performance and flow. It should first be described as a "systems" way of thinking. It is an entire organizational dynamic dedicated to your vehicle's oil cooling system. It is the study and implementation of the best possible engineered balance between oil cooler performance and oil system flow.

Jagg Advantage

When engineers, racers, technicians, and everyday enthusiasts collaborate to ensure the best possible dynamic for your vehicle a culture of pride develops — pride that comes with knowing you have done everything possible to produce the best. Each and every component is developed considering its contribution to the system. When all associated with this development have bought-in, every department becomes a key to unlocking the systemic potential of each component. It's the Jagg Advantage.

What sets Jagg apart?

What sets Jagg apart?

Air flow, fins, oil flow, turbulators, brazing technology, metal finish, oil filter adapter design, thermostatic actuator, etc., are each components maximized to contribute to the overall system. It is only when each individual component is considered in relation to its contribution to the whole that a true systems approach can be claimed.

Jagg is Quality, Style, and Performance.