Jagg Oil Coolers for Harley-Davidson Motorcycles
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Jagg HyperFlow Oil Filter - For Indian

Jagg HyperFlow Oil Filter - For Indian

Part # 11-J69-20-B

$ 150.00

Designed originally for the demands of performance racing, where oil filtration and oil flow are critical to success, the all-new HyperFlow Oil Filter offers a winning edge to professional race teams, grassroots gearheads, and weekend cruisers alike.

It filters better, it flows better, and it disassembles without tools for cleaning and reuse. It reduces the workload of the oil pump by removing unnecessary restriction at the filter and preserves precious horsepower. It even looks better, with titanium-color anodizing and knurled no-slip grip. The HyperFlow Oil Filter is the last filter you'll need.

Quite possibly the best oil filter ever made

High flow volume, low pressure drop, 30 µ absolute filtration, and a strong rare-earth magnet combine to deliver unmatched performance and protection. The HyperFlow Oil Filter's surgical-grade stainless-steel mesh media filter element captures all particulates above 30 µ, leaving no doubt about the oil reaching your engine.

Nothing larger than 30 µ gets past this
fine mesh filter.

The improved flow characteristics of the HyperFlow Oil Filter reduce restrictions on the oiling system. Less restriction on the oiling system means less power is spent pumping oil and more power reaches the wheels.

A cleanable filter element offers convenience and longevity. Precision CNC-machined billet aluminum body with titanium-color anodized finish offers a knurled non-slip grip surface and a hex boss for easy removal. Standard sized hex boss is pre-drilled for safety wire.

No tools are needed to disassemble the HyperFlow Oil Filter. Simply push the filter element into the body and twist to remove, clean, and reuse.


  • Cleanable, reusable, forever
  • Surgical-grade stainless-steel woven media filter element
  • 30 micron absolute filtration
  • Superior flow characteristics
  • Preserves horsepower by reducing load on pump
  • Built-in rare-earth magnet captures ferrous debris particulates
  • Quad-seal o-ring offers improved sealing characteristics and requires less compression for sealing
  • No tools needed for disassembly


PDF: Installation Instructions

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