Jagg Oil Coolers for Harley-Davidson Motorcycles
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Jagg @ NVP 2023

LOUISVILLE, Jan. 20, 2023 — Jagg Oil Coolers, makers of premium oiling system components, are excited to return once again to Louisville for the 2023 Parts Unlimited NVP Product Expo.

With myriad new parts to unveil in-person for the first time, this is Jagg's hub for summary #NVP2023 action, new product features & promotion.

Featured Products

New! Fitment for M-8 models

Introducing a new range of highly-anticipated oil cooling systems for H-D Milwaukee Eight models:

  • Adds an additional oil cooling circuit to the bottom end of bikes with factory oil coolers and leaves factory cooler in place for ultimate cooling approach
  • Adds much-needed cooling to bikes without an existing oil cooler
  • Oil filter adapter engineered specifically for the M-8 motor with integrated Viscosity Regulated Flow oil by-pass, allows cold, viscous oil to by-pass the cooler until bike reaches operating temperature
  • Easy installation

Part # 770-1000 Deluxe 6-row

Part # 770-1200 SlimLine 6-row

Part # 770-2000 WideLine 10-row

Part # 771-FP2600 Fan-assisted WideLine 10-row

HyperFlow Oil Filters

Designed originally for the demands of performance racing, where oil filtration and oil flow are critical to success, the all-new HyperFlow Oil Filter offers a winning edge to professional race teams, grassroots gearheads, and weekend cruisers alike.

It filters better, it flows better, and it disassembles without tools for cleaning and reuse. It reduces the workload of the oil pump by removing unnecessary restriction at the filter and preserves precious horsepower. It even looks better, with titanium-color anodizing and knurled no-slip grip. The HyperFlow Oil Filter is the last filter you'll need.

  • Filters better — 30µ absolute rated stainless-steel mesh media
  • Flows better — 6–8x the flow rate of traditional paper media
  • Easy service — disassembles without tools for cleaning and reuse

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